Newsletter - March 2023


Caring for Raptors, from Rehab to Release

Chris Soucy, the executive director of The Raptor Trust, will be teaching us about the types of birds that live in our area, the threats they face and how people can help if they find an injured animal. Kids are sure to be enraptured by the lecture too and are welcome to attend!
Chris' parents, Len and Diane Soucy, founded The Raptor Trust in their backyard and he grew up surrounded by raptors. For 30 years, The Raptor Trust has provided its unique services to wild birds and the people who find them, always endeavoring to be helpful and caring to both. It is The Raptor Trust's hope that its long-standing presence and humane conduct have provided a worthy example to others.

We had a great turnout for our last lecture on providing relief for itchy, scratchy pets!

It was great to see the more than 50 of you who came out to our last lecture to learn solutions from a veterinary dermatologist for your itchy, scratchy pets! We hope they're feeling better!

Fresh breath dog treats for St. Patrick's Day!

Kiss me, I'm adorable!
Mint and parsley in these healthy treats help naturally freshen your dog's breath, making them perfect for mid-March kisses!



Golden love!

GWLAH Client Relations Manager Ginny Tillman's dog Gabriel made the rounds on Valentine's Day, leaving a lot of love wherever he went!


Don't forget to take advantage of Daylight Saving Time!

With Daylight Saving Time taking effect on Sunday, March 12, don't forget to take advantage of the extended sunshine! Clip a leash on your pups, get out and get some exercise, and – added bonus – Vitamin D! The movement will benefit both you and your pet's health and help banish the winter blues!