Newsletter - June 2023


Thank you Diana!


They say all good things must eventually come to an end and sadly that's true of your 10 years here at GWLAH!
In your time here, you were a jack of all trades and cycled through every role until you reached the pinnacle as GWLAH practice manager.
Thank you for your dedication and commitment to bettering the lives of West Milford's companion animals and their families! No one could rock Callie on their shoulders better while ensuring that the practice was operating smoothly and well-stocked with all the essentials!
Enjoy the next chapter of your life as a Floridian (but watch out for gators!) and know that you are deeply loved and missed! Bon voyage!

Welcome Kristin Nocera !


Let's extend a warm welcome to our new practice manager Kristin Nocera!
Originally from New York, Kristin comes to us with 15 years in the veterinary field, having worked all manner of positions, from veterinary assistant and technician to receptionist to supervisor.
She has worked in veterinary dermatology and surgery, as well as emergency and intensive care and discovered a passion to become a practice manager while working as the tech supervisor at a veterinary dermatology practice in Wayne.
Kristin said she was attracted to GWLAH because of the level of care her pets received when she was a client.
"I’m very particular about the care my personal pets receive," she said. "I like the care and attention my pets received and appreciate the medicine the doctors practice here."
As GWLAH's new practice manager, Kristin said she hopes to "continue to lead the team and make sure every client and patient receives the utmost care we can offer."
"I want to make everyone feel welcome when they come through our doors," she said.
Kristin shares her home with a coconut retriever named Cato that she adopted while studying at Ross University on St. Kitts island and a short-haired cat named Oakley.
When she's not working, Kristin said she enjoys baking desserts, spending time with her husband and young daughter and taking day trips around New Jersey.
Please join us in making Kristin feel welcome and say hello the next time you stop in!

Retractable Leash Reminder

Just a reminder to all our pet parents that retractable leashes are not allowed in the hospital for safety reasons.
Please use a regular leash when bringing your pet to visit us. If you do not have a regular leash, please ask us for a complimentary one. Thank you for doing your part to help keep everyone safe!

How to Help Your Pet Navigate Their Golden Years

Let's face it: Nobody likes admitting age-related limitations. But whether it's slippery floors or a treacherous staircase that's tripping your pet up, there are many ways you can help them navigate their golden years more safely.
Add traction
Conditions like arthritis, obesity, disc issues, chronic inflammation and loss of muscle mass can all contribute to decreased mobility in senior pets. Adding traction will give your pet confidence, reduce splayed legs and help prevent wipeouts. It could be as simple as adding rugs with non-slip backings to high-traffic areas or laying down yoga mats throughout your home.
For outdoor areas, a coat of anti-skid paint could work wonders on your older pet's ability to conquer slick porch, deck or exterior stairs. If rugs or mats aren't an option, paw coverings or toenail grips could provide your pet with some much-needed traction. Keeping paw pad fur trimmed can help as well.
Cover or Cordon Off Stairs
Non-slip stair treads or carpet runners can be key for unsteady dogs negotiating stairs. At the bottom of the stairs especially is where pets need a non-slip landing. When stairs become too difficult for your pet to climb up and down alone, cordoning them off with a baby gate can help prevent falls and injuries.
Give Them a Lift
When jumping is no longer possible, offer your elderly pets a ramp or set of steps to reach beds, couches and vehicles. Make sure it has a grippy surface and doesn't slide, and train them to descend the steps or ramp to minimize jumping-down injuries.
Comfy Cozy
Many older pets have osteoarthritis and an orthopedic bed can provide welcome relief for painful joints and stiff muscles. Some models even offer a heated feature. Similarly, food and water bowls that are raised up from the floor are helpful for pets with neck and back pain.
If you are concerned your pet might be experiencing pain from arthritis, please call our office to schedule an appointment and discuss treatment options. We offer a number of solutions to help soothe your pet's pain, including laser therapy, if needed.


With the Temperatures Rising . . .


It's That Time of Year . . .
. . . for flea and tick preventatives!

The warmer months can either be spent lounging lakeside or fighting fleas and ticks. This summer, don't let the latter become your reality: remember your pet's flea and tick preventatives!
Because the last thing anyone wants to do is see their pet come down with a tick-borne disease or deal with a house full of fleas.
We know you have options when it comes to where you get your pet's meds from, so we offer in-house rebates for purchasing from us. As an added bonus, the manufacturers offer efficacy guarantees on products purchased from veterinarians. The same goes for heartworm preventatives, just FYI!
So don't delay – pick up your preventatives today!