Newsletter - August 2022



For Yentel Binisti, it was a whirlwind four weeks in America studying at Greenwood Lake Animal Hospital.
From late June to mid-July, the soon-to-be fourth year veterinary student from France (there are five years of vet school in France) shadowed Dr. Louër and learned as much as she could in the brief time she was here. Luckily, Yentel had proven herself to be a quick study early on, from starting kindergarten at the age of 2 to skipping a year of high school to graduating as valedictorian.
"Time really flew," she said. "I think he [Dr. Louër] wanted to let me do a lot of stuff, but he didn't realize that four weeks was such a short period of time."
Of her days at GWLAH, Yentel said, "It went really well, it was a good experience."
"I could attend every consult and be in the consult room and just hear what he [Dr. Louër] was saying to the client and then ask him questions about the diagnosis," she said. "I did assist in surgery: I put in a few catheters, I intubated a few dogs, I drew blood."
She also was able to scrub in for a cystotomy (bladder stone removal surgery) to observe as well as assist.
"That was really cool," she said.
On her days off, Dr. Louër arranged for Yentel to shadow Dr. Andrew Rosenberg, of Animal Dermatology Clinic - Wayne, and Dr. Jon Miller, of Eclipse specialty and emergency hospital.
Having never been to America before, Yentel said she wanted to do an internship in the U.S. and was serendipitously put in touch with the Louërs by a former classmate of Dr. Louër's.
Right now she thinks she'd like to specialize in small animal surgery, but she still has time to decide so that could change.
In the future, Yentel said she could see herself coming back to the U.S.
"I definitely see myself coming back to visit because I think it's an amazing country and I really liked it," she said.
When asked what her favorite American thing was, Yentel said the variety available to Americans at the grocery store.
"You have such a huge variety of candies!" she said. "You have so many choices and I was so impressed!"
While she was 20 years old during her time here in West Milford, Yentel said she turns 21 on July 30. When she graduates, she'll be 22, the same age Dr. Louër was when he graduated vet school.
Happy birthday Yentel and thanks for crossing the pond to study with us!



It’s that time of year again, when we raise awareness about the importance of microchipping your pet, which greatly increases the odds that they will be reunited with you should they go missing.
While at least 15% of cats and 14% of dogs are lost at least once in a five-year period, a quick glance at the West Milford Facebook groups would make you think we beat the national average by a lot, with dogs, cats, and even a pet skunk, making the great escape seemingly every other day.
Microchipping can give pet owners peace of mind, but checking the chip, both by having your pet scanned by veterinary staff to confirm that it's working and by verifying the chip is registered with up-to-date contact information, is equally as important.
This Check the Chip Day, be sure to boost your pet's chances of coming home to you by double checking that their microchip is working properly!

chip reader


Celebrated on Aug. 22 this year, National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day serves as a yearly reminder of the importance of regular checkups for your feline companions.
Cats are exceptionally good at hiding illness - so much so that even the most observant owner might not realize anything's wrong until the vet mentions it at their annual checkup.
Maxine's acrobatics, ability to escape, and storied nine lives may make her seem seem invincible, but she isn't really. She needs a thorough exam at least once a year to make sure that she's in good health and enjoying her best life.
Remember: the sooner an illness is discovered, the more treatable it is.
Whether it's been a while since your cat has seen the vet, or if they're due soon for their annual visit, give us a call today to schedule an appointment with one of our doctors!

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Your friends and colleagues at GWLAH wish you many years of happiness in your married life!


How Hot Can It Be ?

Never leave your pet unattended in a car . . .
. . . the cartoon below depicts an hour in a car on a 95 degree day.