Newsletter - October 2021

Happy Halloween from GWLAH !


Halloween safety tips for pets

When celebrating All Hallows' Eve with your pets, consider that not all enjoy the festivities. Below are GWLAH's tips for taking the terror out of your furry family member's holiday.


Forbidden fruit

While there are a number of human foods that dogs can safely and happily consume, grapes and raisins aren't on the list.
Popular snack foods, by themselves or as an ingredient in things like trail mix, fruit salad or cookies, grapes and raisins can cause severe reactions and may even be fatal.
The exact cause of toxicity is unknown, nor is the amount, and some dogs may suffer more severe reactions than others.
Symptoms of grape/raisin toxicity include:

If left untreated, dogs may go into kidney failure, which can be fatal.
If your dog does ingest one or more grapes or raisins, you should call your veterinarian as quickly as possible, as they may recommend inducing vomiting. The window of opportunity to induce vomiting is limited, so calling as soon as the ingestion occurs is recommended.


Keeping kitty safe tonight

This Halloween, don't waste any of your cat's nine lives on preventable accidents.
Keep your cats (especially the black ones!) indoors during the witching hours of All Hallows' Eve to prevent them from being hit by a car or being poisoned, either accidentally or on purpose.
With limited daylight and reduced visibility, and an increase in traffic during the holiday, the safest place for cats is inside with their people.


Peanut butter and pumpkin dog treats




Did you know?

That candy corn was originally marketed as "Chicken Feed," and was even sold in a box with a rooster on the front?